For printing quality that surpasses
high-resolution digital display devices.


AKIMist® Dry Fog Humidification System

This innovative and revolutionary system prevents a variety of problems caused by electrostatic.
The AKIMist Dry Fog system also saves energy and reduces CO2 emissions.

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Features of AKIMist”E”

Dry FogDry Fogcan be sprayed close to thetarget area without wetting while providing consistent humidity levels where needed. Preventing ESDPreventing ESDkeeping the humidity in printing facilities and roll storage at 50-55%RH significantly reduces electrostatic discharge. Energy Savings & CO2 reductionEnergy Savings & CO2 reductionDirect spray humidification can reduce air temperature. Avoiding steam humidification systems can save energy and reduce CO2 emissions!

AKIMist® Dry Fog Humidification systems can create an ideal printing environment.
We have a long experience of strong performance in many printing plants all over the world.
AKIMist® customers have gotten astonishing results in their high quality printing departments that they were not able to achieve before.
AKIMist® can solve many dry air problems such as ink whiskering, misalignment, registration, dust adhesion, folding errors, etc.

Why doesn't dry fog get wet?

Small bubbles/water droplets do not wet anything because they bounce back from the surface they touch. As it surface tension is high, compare to a bigger bubble/water droplet, it will not burst and wet the environment.
Dry Fog is a very fine fog with an average mean droplet diameter of 10 μm or less. Therefore, the fog sprayed from our AKIJet® nozzles will never burst and wet objects when spraying in a close room, above machine and operators.


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