Flat spray air nozzles SAP series

Spray pattern Flat Pipe conn. size R1/8–R1/4 Standard pressure -
Spray angle - Spray capacity - Supply air type Blower air


• Compact enough to install in a narrow space. R1/8 size is 29 mm long.
• Pressure loss is minimal to enable high spray impact performance.
• Compared to conventional, general-purpose air nozzles, SAP series provides larger spray coverage.


Blow-off drying: Blow-off for engine block
Rejection: Rejection of inferior products
Cooling: Pinpoint cooling for molded plastic

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Steelmaking
• Machinery
• Electronics
• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Food
• Automotives

Product specifications

Structure • All metal.
• Air nozzle unified with screw for easy mounting on piping.
Material • Stainless steel 304
Pipe connection size Mass(g)
R1/8 10
R1/4 16


Outer dimensions

Pipe conn. size Outer dimensions(mm)
L1 L2 L3 ℓ1 ℓ2 H N
R1/8 29 13 14.7 1.5 13 12 7
R1/4 37 17.5 18.9 1.5 17 14 10.5

• Compressor air can be used.
• Appearance and dimensions may differ depending on materials and nozzle codes. Inquire with us for details.

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