Air booster TAIFUJet® TF-PF series (Long flat type with replaceable nozzle tips)

Spray pattern Flat Pipe conn. size R1 Standard pressure -
Spray angle - Spray capacity - Supply air type Compressed air


• Long flat air nozzles of 209–1,254 mm in blowing width (in nozzle tip length).
• Nozzle tips are replaceable for easy maintenance and lower costs.
• A lineup with 11 different blowing widths in a combination of a single or double entry type and a number of nozzle tips to be mounted:
Single-entry type (air inlet at one end): 5 varieties in width
Double-entry type (air inlets at both ends): 6 varieties in width


• Blow-off drying: Blow-off drying of products after washing, edge wiper for steel surface treatment, blow-off drying of engine blocks
• Blow-off: Removal of chips in machining processes, removal of paint dust, sorting and blowing-away of defective products, blowing-off of particles on steel sheet surfaces
• Cooling: Pinpoint cooling of plastic mold products
• Others: Detachment, cleaning

Industries in which this nozzle is used

Steelmaking, machinery, electronics, paper & pulp, printing, food & bevarage

Product specifications

Outer dimensions

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