Rotating cleaning nozzles (Low and medium-pressure type) JET ATTACKER JA series

Pipe conn. size Rc1/2 Rated pressure 0.3–3.0 MPa for JA-3 (*1), 0.3-2.0 MPa for JA-2 Spray capacity 12–98 ℓ/min (*1)
Reach distance 2–9 m Cleaning distance - Max. allowable temperature 4–60℃ (40–140°F)


• Rotating nozzles for 2-Dimensional and 3-Dimensional cleaning.
• Rotation is driven solely by the spray reaction force.
• All supplied water is used as driving force and cleaning water. Minimal energy loss.
• Nozzle mounts are available in two arms or four arms.

[JA-3: 3-Dimensional type]
• Available in low-pressure specification (0.3–1.2 MPa, max. 6.0 MPa) or medium-pressure specification (1.0–3.0 MPa, max. 15.0 MPa). Low-pressure type is for cleaning by the force of spray flow volume, and medium-pressure type for cleaning by the force of spray pressure.

[JA-2: 2-Dimensional type]
• You can select suitable nozzles depending on your purpose and application; solid stream jets for powerful cleaning, flat spray nozzles with wide spray coverage, and more.
• Rotation is driven not only by water, but also by air. Ideal for blow-off drying, air blowing especially for complex applications.
• In addition to the standard arm length (200 or 300 mm), shorter or longer arms suitable for a target area can be prepared within 200–1500 mm.

• Spray capacity of JA-3 (3-Dimensional type)
Low-pressure type (JA3-2L): 24–82 ℓ/min at 0.3–1.2 MPa
Medium-pressure type (JA3-2S/4S): 12–70 ℓ/min at 1.0–3.0 MPa
• Spray capacity of JA-2 (2-Dimensional type): 14–98 ℓ/min at 0.3 MPa.


Cleaning of tanks, containers, conveyors, etc.

Industries in which this nozzle is used

• Chemical
• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Food
• Medicine
• Welfare

Product specifications

Main material: Stainless steel 304
(O-ring, seal, etc.: PTFE, NBR, and FKM)
[JA-3: 3-Dimensional type] 1.60–1.95 kg
[JA-2: 2-Dimensional type] 1.9-2.0 kg
For details please see the leaflet.

[Dimensions of JA3-2S (φXX)] 3-dimensional type  (Unit: mm)

(Unit: mm)
• Nozzle orifice diameter is specified in place of XX.
• Figures in ( ) are dimensions of low-pressure specification JA3-2L nozzles.
• JA3-4S is equipped with four nozzles. (Low-pressure spec. JA3-2L has only two nozzles)

[Dimensions of JA2-2 (φXX)] 2-dimensional type  (Unit: mm)

• Nozzle orifice diameter is specified in place of XX.
• Standard arm length is 200 mm or 300 mm. Arm length is available in min. 200 mm to max. 1,500 mm. Please contact us for a longer size.


Other information

[Flow-rate diagrams]





Type Nozzle description
Nozzle orifice
diameter (*2) (mm)
Number of
nozzles equipped
Operating pressure
  Spray capacity  (*3)
Reach distance

Surface finish

3-Dimensional type 1/2F JA 3-2L (φ3.5) S304 3.5 2

(Max: 6.0)

  4–60   24–82 2–7 300#
1/2F JA 3-2L (φ5.4) S304 5.4
1/2F JA3-2S (φ1.8) S304 1.8
(Max. 15.0)
12–36 6–9
1/2F JA3-2S (φ2.4) S304 2.4
1/2F JA3-4S (φ1.8) S304 1.8 4 24–70
1/2F JA3-4S (φ2.4) S304 2.4
2-Dimensional type 1/2F JA2-2 φ2.5 S304 (L=XXX) (*4) 2.5 2

(Max. 10.0)

14–53 — (*5)
1/2F JA2-2 φ3.5 S304 (L=XXX) 3.5 
1/2F JA2-2 φ5.4 S304 (L=XXX) 5.4 4
1/2F JA2-4 φ2.5 S304 (L=XXX) 2.5 28–98
1/2F JA2-4 φ3.5 S304 (L=XXX) 3.5
1/2F JA2-4 φ5.4 S304 (L=XXX) 5.4
*2) Note for JA-2 series: Nozzle orifice diameter of JA2-2/JA2-4 with solid stream jet nozzles equipped.
*3) Note for JA-2 series: Spray capacity of JA2-2/JA2-4 with solid stream jet nozzles equipped, sprayed at a pressure of 0.3 MPa.
*4) Specify the arm length in place of XXX. (Standard arm length: 200 or 300 mm)
*5) Contact us if you need special surface finishing such as buffing or electrochemical polishing.
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