Gas Turbine Inlet Air Cooling System

Product outline

This system uses fine fog (Semi-Dry Fog® [*1]) to cool gas-turbine intake air by 2–4°C and help boost electric power generation output in the summer when high outdoor temperatures reduce generation efficiency.
Using simulation-based analyses, wind tunnel tests and other such approaches, we propose nozzle layouts optimized for operating environment conditions such as air-intake filter chamber shape, while offering controls tailored to onsite operating condition requirements.


• Hydraulic intake-air cooling system utilizing Semi-Dry Fog®.(*1)
• Cools intake-chamber air by 2–4°C in gas turbines, gas engines and diesel engines.
• Mitigates declines in electric power generation output caused by high outdoor temperatures during the summer. (Although specific figures vary depending on the equipment used, an ambient temperature rise of 1°C usually reduces generation output by 0.6–0.8%.)
• Minimizes volumes of wastewater drainage.
• Support customers in site investigation, layout design, installation work and maintenance services.

*1) We define Semi-Dry Fog® as a fog with a mean droplet diameter (mean fog droplet size) of 10–30 μm.
This highly useful fog features fine droplets and does not include large droplets which can result in wetting of objects and surfaces.


Gas turbines: Increase in power output (by cooling the inlet air)
Gas engines: Preventing knocking, cooling the engine compartment
Diesel engines: Reducing NOx emission volumes

Industries in which this product is used

• Energy
• Chemicals
• Paper & Pulp

Product specifications

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