[Discontinued] COOLJetter® CLJ-S-E

Spray capacity 6.4 L/hr Mean droplet diameter - Power consumption 160 W (50 Hz), 200 W (60 Hz) (*1)
Water pressure 1.3 MPa Air pressure - Air consumption -


• This energy-efficient cooling unit produces fine fog which is dispersed over a larger area using a fan (fog fan/ mist fan).
• It reduces temperatures by 3–5℃ with evaporative fog cooling.
• Pump and water tank inclusive type (fan type) that doesn't require a fixed installation space.
• This cooling fan unit is useful for heatstroke prevention, prevention of dust dispersion, as a static electricity countermeasure, etc.
• Spray volume is 6.4 L/hr (at 1.3 MPa), making it suitable for use in small spaces.

*1) Power supply: 100 VAC (50 Hz/ 60 Hz)


Outdoor cooling: Cooling directly toward people, heatstroke prevention, heat reduction for heat-extreme working environments
Humidification: Dust suppression, preventing dryness, health care

[Production / Processing Factory]
• Protecting workers from heatstroke, preventing dryness

[Waste Processing and Recycling Centers]
• Preventing dust dispersion inside buildings, protecting workers from heatstroke, health care

[Gymnasiums, Martial Arts Dojos, Soccer Fields, Tennis Courts, Athletic Fields/Facilities]
• Preventing heatstroke among athletes, preventing declines in practice/drill efficiency due to high temperatures

[Railway Yards]
• High temperature countermeasure during inspections and maintenance operations, preventing heatstroke among workers, boosting work efficiency and maintenance quality

[Wholesale Markets and Meat Processing Facilities]
• Cooling of facility staff/visitors, reducing stress among industrial-use livestock

Industries in which this product is used

• Steelmaking
• Pollution control
• Machinery
• Paper & Pulp
• Printing
• Food products
• Agriculture
• Livestock
• Automotive manufacturing
• Environment and Entertainment
• Schools
• Sports facilities

Product specifications

Model No. Mass (kg)
CLJ-S-E 15 (empty water tank)


Outer dimensions
Model No. Fan diameter (mm) Wide x Depth x Height (mm)
CLJ-S-E 450 840×740×1,170–1,280


Model No. Number of nozzles (pcs.) Spray capacity (L/hr) Air flow (㎥/min) (50/60 Hz) Rated supply voltage Power consumption (W) (50/ 60 Hz) Accessories and Features
at 1.3 MPa
CLJ-S-E 6 6.4 165(50Hz)
100 VAC 160(50Hz)
• Pump
• Built-in safety feature (thermostat)
• 20L water tank (Full tank allows about 3 hours of spraying)
• Fan speed control (3 levels)
• 75-degree oscillation
• Low water level sensor (stops spray automatically before tank is empty)
• For customers who already have fans, a mountable spraying unit (nozzle equipped ring-header) is also available.


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