[Discontinued] Greenhouse Entrance Disinfection Unit / Pest Control Gate

Spray capacity 50 L/min (*) Mean droplet diameter 30–45 µm* Power consumption 200 W
Water pressure 1.5–2.0 MPa Air pressure - Air consumption -




This model has been discontinued.


• Disinfection unit to prevent fungi from entering a facility.
• Sprays hypochlorous acid water (*1) in a fine fog form to disinfect fungi deposited on workers’ clothes.
• Fine fog with a mean droplet diameter of 30–45 µm (*2), which doesn’t bother workers with excess wetting when it touches their cloths, also enables effective disinfection.
• Push-button switch starts and keeps spraying for a pre-set time as desired. A foot switch is available as an option.
• No professional work required. Easy installation and use.

*1) Hypochlorous acid water produced by mixing a sodium hypochlorite solution and a dilute hydrochloric acid solution.
Our Clezia Water is not recommended for use with this product.
*2) The spray capacity and the mean droplet diameter are values when water is sprayed.
Actual capacity and diameter will vary depending on factors such as a type of disinfectant and its concentration.


• Disinfection and pest control at entrances to plant factories, greenhouses, restaurants, and nursing homes

Industries in which this product is used

• Food processing
• Agriculture
• Farming
• Healthcare
• Nursing facilities

Product specifications

Outer dimensions

Pest Control Gate

1 Spray nozzles
2 Spraying unit
3 Controller
4 Pump
5 Tank (20 L)

• A foot switch is available as an option.

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