Classification of Spray Droplet Size

Establishment of a Standard for Fog as an Industry-use Material

The word “fog” encompasses a wide range of characteristics.
IKEUCHI, "The Fog Engineers", has utilized a proprietary fog classification system based on droplet size, establishing it as a standard for fog as an industry-use material.
This enables determining characteristics of fog that solve customer problems and facilitating selection and proposal of optimal spray nozzles and systems.

Note: Although various fog classification systems exist, IKEUCHI, "The Fog Engineers", uses the system described here to provide fog suited to customer applications and operating environments.
The above classification is based on the spray droplet size (spray droplet diameter) measured by the immersion sampling method. Measured results differ depending on measuring method.
Dry Fog: AKIMist "E", Semi-Dry Fog: COOLJetter, etc, Fine fog: BIMV, KB, etc. Semi-Fine fog: VVP, JJXP, etc.